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The Eastside Association of Fine Arts (EAFA) Public Art Program provides artists with an opportunity to exhibit and possibly sell their work in a variety of public and private venues around the region. The program provides the public with an opportunity to enjoy original artwork outside the walls of museums and commercial galleries. The communities in which we all live benefit not only from the mere presence of the art among them, but also through contributions to art education that are funded by participants rendering a percentage of sales to EAFA. It’s a win, win proposition!

Currently there are about 130 artists participating in the program, whose works include both abstract and representational art in a variety of media and subjects. These works of art are currently on display at eight public and private venues. Each venue has one or more EAFA volunteer managers who are responsible for hanging, managing, and taking down each show.

The venues include Overlake Medical Center PACCAR Conference/Education Center, South Tower, W2 Hallway, and Medicine/Oncology, as well as Bellevue Regional Library, Mercer Slough Environmental Center, Lewis Creek Community Center, The Gardens Retirement Community in Bellevue, and the Department of Ecology in Bellevue.

We have a new "old" venue at Overlake Hospital, the W2 Hallway. It will feature 5 very large paintings (maximum 48 inches height and 70 inches wide). Several of our other venues also can accept large paintings. Please let Camea Davidson know if you work in large format (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

If you are interested in participating in the Public Art Program, please send 5 digital (jpeg) samples of your work, along with a one-page bio/artist statement to Camea Davidson, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her at 425 562-6295.

Fellow Public Art Program artists: If a venue manager invites you to participate in an upcoming show at a venue, please respond ASAP so that she can plan for the show, and also, so that your name will be announced in the upcoming Newsletter.

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Enter your painting at the EAFA General Meetings for prizes from Daniel Smith!


Public Art Program News

  • The Public Art Program will not have a venue at Kenmore City Hall. However, we are working on two new venues, one at Lewis Creek Environmental Center in SE Bellevue, and a new site at Overlake Hospital which will probably be ready for exhibition in October or November.
  • Our old W2 Hallway in the hospital has been turned into a NCIU, and therefore, we will be exhibiting elsewhere in the hospital.
  • If you are a plein air painter or just love to paint scenes of Puget Sound please let Camea know, and you'll be contacted to exhibit at Lewis Creek and Mercer Slough.