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Monthly Winners -May 2014

Monthly Contest Rules

Please bring your paintings for the monthly competition for a chance to win a generous $10 gift certificate from Daniel Smith Art Supplies. Be sure to sign your painting in with Farida Hakim before the meeting starts at 10 a.m.


For the month of May, our last meeting of 2014, we encourage anyone who has not entered the monthly art contest to please bring your artwork! The intention is to encourage new and emerging artists.


General Entry Rules
  • One piece per artist.
  • All work to be original, non-class work.
  • Artwork must be signed in before 10:00am (before meeting starts).
  • Winners cannot enter for three months after winning. For example, if you win in September, you cannot enter again until January.
  • Clearly sign your name next to a number.
  • Clearly write number and media on a sticky note and attach it to your work.
  • Place your work against the wall or wherever there is space.


  • Vote for one piece of art.
  • Please use one whole piece paper (provided) for your vote.
  • Write the number of your choice on the paper and put it in the ballot box.
  • Please vote at the beginning of break. Once we close voting we can’t accept any more votes: we need time to count.



  • Please retrieve your art from the display.
  • Have your picture taken for the newsletter.
  •  Pick up your gift certificate from Daniel Smith Art Supplies.
























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