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May 15 Presentation by Seattle Times Sketch Artist Gabriel Campanario

                                            Gabriel Campanario


Gabriel Campanario is a Spanish-born journalist and illustrator best known for his award winning Seattle Times blog and weekly column, Seattle Sketcher.  Campanrio is also the founder of Urban Sketchers, an online community and non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the art of on-location drawing.


“The beauty of sketching is that, almost by definition, a sketch can be completed as simply and quickly as you like. It can involve making a fifteen-minute sketch of the view from your window or whipping out a collapsible sketching stool and spending an hour or two capturing the way the light hits that beautiful old church. In either case, sketching stops the clock and lets your mind turn off all the noise…it has the power to turn a moment of boredom into a creative pastime. In a sense, urban sketching can be more about the experience than the result…sketches bring back memories in a way photos don’t, evoking the sounds, smells, and recollections of the places in which you created them.”


Gabriel is the author of several books on urban sketching:

The Art of Urban Sketching

Architecture and Cityscapes

People and Motion


Blog: http://www.seattletimes.com/seattlesketcher


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