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January 19 - Margaret Davidson

January 19th General Meeting is Canceled
We apologize for the inconvenience, but in the interest of public safety, we are canceling the meeting.

m davidson smMargaret DavidsonAt our January EAFA meeting, artist Margaret Davidson will teach new information not included in her new book. She will also do a demo about space and how the deliberate conscious use of this information is absolutely essential to good art.

Margaret comes highly recommended to EAFA as the most outstanding instructor at Gage Academy of Art. She is both an artist and illustrator, and she teaches courses in Beginning Drawing, Sources of Modernism in Drawing, Aesthetics of Drawing, and various drawing technique classes. She has illustrated various books and journal articles.

Her focus in her own contemporary art drawings is on the subtle and reciprocal relationship between the mark and the surface. She also explores the various related dichotomies such as figure and ground, form and space, and illusion and reality. Like all drawing artists, she works on various European, American, and Asian art papers, and also draws on such materials as wooden sticks, desiccated leaves, and cloth.

gego smUntitled, pen and ink, by Gego (Gertrude Goldschmidt)Contemporary artists are discovering that drawing is something unique and different from painting. It is an intense, sensitive, compelling, personal, and utterly direct art form, one with its own concepts, characteristics, and techniques. In addition, contemporary drawing encompasses a variety of approaches, including realist, abstract, modernist, and post modernist. Margaret's book, Contemporary Drawing, delves into the essential and far-reaching concepts of this medium, exploring surface, mark, space, composition, scale, materials, and intentionality in turn. Margaret will take us beyond the "what" of drawing (subject matter) and into the realm of the "how" and "why." You'll have the opportunity to purchase her book at the January meeting.

She will be discussing these images in her presentation at the meeting.

valerio towel sm[i]Towel[/i], graphite, by James Valerio

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