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Monthly Winners - November 2011

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Tatyana Deynega Connie Bishop Kay Louise Clark

Monthly Contest Rules

Please bring your paintings for the monthly competition for a chance to win a generous $10 gift certificate from Bellevue Art and Frame. Be sure to sign your painting in with Suzanne Burnell before the meeting starts at 10 a.m.

General Entry Rules

  • One piece per artist.
  • All work to be original, non-class work.
  • Artwork must be signed in before 10:00am (before meeting starts).
  • Winners cannot enter for two months after winning. For example, if you win in February, you cannot enter again until May.

Entry Process

  • Clearly sign your name next to a number.
  • Clearly write number on a sticky note and attach it to your work.
  • Place your work against the wall or whereever there is space.


  • Vote for one piece of art.
  • Please use one whole piece paper (provided) for your vote.
  • Write the number of your choice on the paper and put it in the ballot box.
  • Please vote at the beginning of break. Once we close voting we can’t accept any more votes: we need time to count.


  • Please retrieve your art from the display.
  • Have your picture taken for the newsletter.
  • Pick up your gift certificate.

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