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Resize a Photo

This service is provided free of charge by www.ShrinkPictures.com. After you browse to find the photo and choose from the options below, you will be directed to ShrinkPictures.com to download your resized photo. Remember to scroll down on that page to find the photo.

The original image must not be larger than 5.5 megabytes. This tool automatically sets the DPI to 72.

1  Choose Picture or Photo to Shrink

2  Select New Maximum Image dimension
  760 Pixels 600 Pixels 350 Pixels 100 Pixels
  75% 50% 25%
  Custom maximum 1000px

3   Apply an image Special effect (Optional)
  Greyscale Sepia

4  Set resized image quality (jpg compression)
  Good Better Best

5 * be patient if original picture is large

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