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Our new program, Critique Meet, is off to a great start. It's held during our refreshment break at each of our General Meetings. We review art work in an objective manner, and provide constructive comments f...




November 20th Meeting

President’s message, November 2014
Thanks to everyone who bought items and donated cash for our Signature Art Fund Rummage Sale. We brought in almost $400 and also sold an item we had in storage that added another $300. Now we need your help in finding a worthy non-profit with an art related project to apply for the grant.
It looks like our area has again gone from summer directly to our mild but wet winter. It’s a good chance to straighten up the studio, neaten up the supplies, and have a productive indoor art season. We also have several great speakers and presentations lined up for our upcoming monthly meetings and I know the weather will cooperate for our drives to our meetings.
Our 2014 Juried Open Exhibit will be hung on November 1st and will include entries from several states and countries. The reception will be on November 20th in the evening at the Seattle Design Center Gallery so plan on stopping by to see some great art. We has a lot of entries so this was a very competitive show to get into.
Speaking of this issue, at times we think of art as a participation sport, with everyone welcome to join the club and create what they love. This is great and we can all have fulfilling times creating our work and hoping others appreciate it too. But, at the next level, art is a business where we compete with many others to sell our product. You can choose to join this competition or not. There are a limited number of buyers for original art and we all compete for their favor. This is a reality. This is the force which makes us look at our art objectively and decide, is it good enough?
If we’re not making it into shows, and not selling, then what can we do to reach that level? Do we need to change genres, subject, materials, presentation? Do we create what we are best at or like the most, or do we need to develop skills in another direction? These questions are what make creating art so much fun and such a challenge. I always do a review about this time of year as my birthday falls in November, to plot a course for the coming new year. Once the holidays hit we get too busy to do this review so do it now, and hit the ground running for 2015. Time marches on so set your own drum beat to walk to and remember, inspiration plus perspiration equals success.
Stan Chraminski, EAFA President

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Volunteer at the EAFA Gallery

You can sign up online to work a shift at the EAFA Gallery! Here's how:

  1. Go to www.gmail.com
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  3. Click 'Calendar' on the black bar at the top of the page to see the current work shift assignments.
  4. Click on a time/date and 'Create Event' to sign up for a shift.

Contact Joy Hagen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional information or if you need help.


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Upcoming EAFA Speakers:

  • November 20 : Patrick Howe, Book presentation

         "The Awakening Artist: Madness and Spiritual Awakening in Art"

  • December 18 : Dan Riley, EAFA Outreach Program
  • January 15, 2015, VALA Presentation (Vanues for Artists in Local Area) Redmond
  • February 19, Mitch Albala, Understanding Composition through Shape and Notan
  • March 19, Gianna Shyne, Acrylics demo
  • April 16, Bev Jozniak, Watercolor demo
  • May 21, David Hines, Oil demo 

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